Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finally a crafty post....

 We have another beautiful grand-niece, Miss C. No cuddles yet. I'll have to plan a visit and take my parents, her great grandparents with me.
So another baby quilt is needed. I've had this pattern and honey bun set aside for awhile. The fabric is 'Fresh' by Deb Strain. I used a Thimble Blossoms pattern, with a couple of changes.
The biggest thing about this project had been my new design wall.
I saw these Fons and Porter's products when I went on retreat to Glenrose in July. It was so much better to see your quilt's layout on a wall and not struggling to see it on the floor.
I don't have a wall free at the moment.

So I'm using these magnetic clips on the front of my 2 metal cupboards.

 I don't have too much room to step back for a look, but it's okay for the moment. My sewing machine was next to it.
It was great sewing the blocks together. Just push back on my wheeled chair, pick them off the wall and turn back to the machine.
When I worked off the floor, no matter how careful I was, I always seemed to turn a block the wrong way.
I was really pleased with this quilt. I was sick of doing pink ones. This range, although an old one now, is bright and as its name says fresh.

I finished the quilting this afternoon. I want to get the binding on tomorrow.

The other sewing I've been doing is secret Christmas swap stuff. So no photos yet.

See you later,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)


Fiona said...

Congrats on the new baby and a lovely little quilt.... I also don't have a permanent'design' wall but roll it up each time... they do help a lot though...

helbel19 said...

Congratulations on the new Bub, thats a great quilt.... love it. Mmmm might just have to get one of those design walls when I go to Glenrose next time.


Anita said...

Love it! So bright and fresh!

Susan said...

Love that idea for a design wall - I love using the outside of the cupboard in my room - though I achieved it by sticking wadding on the mirror doors...
love the quilt as I told you Sunday