Friday, October 11, 2013

Labour Day Long Weekend.

DH and I were able to have a long weekend away up at Warwick. Warwick is about a 2 hour drive south-west, on the other side the Great Diving Range. It is a pretty little city of around 13,000 people. We have decide we could live there, if we ever wanted a treechange, particularly, as it is the home of Glenrose Patchwork. I returned this weekend to their 'Airing of the Quilts'.
This a fund raiser for the Breast and Prostate Cancer Association of Queensland. This was the 5th Airing and Glenis and Percy Pugliese (the owners) were hoping it would take them over the $50,000 mark in funds raised over the 5 years. I hope they made.
A lot of work goes into putting on this quilt show (indeed all shows) and it is done with the aid of family, friends and volunteers.

It was more than just quilts. There was yummy food, stalls, belly dancers and others.

 Percy's in the shade here, cooking up the sausages.

 To the right were delicious sandwiches, cakes, slices and drinks. To the left and beyond were stalls from other vendors and groups.

Okay! I'll admit it. I shopped. I'll blame DH. There was a twister quilt (above) on display that caught his eye. We were lucky enough to be able to buy all the bits needed to make one like it. Yes, another one for the list! Maybe I'll work on it when I go back for retreat there next year.

When I started this blog, DH (the computer whiz)  was concerned about identity security. He preferred I didn't use my real name. I did not have a catchy nickname like others. Instead, I used one of the ones my mother called me. It has lead to a bit of confusion. In others' photos, I am labelled under different names. So forget it. My name is Cheryl. Yes, another one. I know there are several of us with the same or similar name blogging here in Australia. I don't care if you call me Cheryl or Kayly, just, as my father says, don't call me late for dinner!

Warwick Part 2 coming soon.

Take care,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)


De said...

how lovely to get back to Glenrose for the airing! I had a wedding that weekend so was unable to go.

Noela said...

I didn't know it was on. Sounds like you had fun. Hugs....

Susan said...

Looks like a lovely day - and a quilt for hubby - he cant complain if you are sewing now. Love the colours in it - and I'm glad you have "come out" Cheryl

Jenny said...

Looks like a great day. Please to meet you Cheryl.... LOL

helbel19 said...

Its wonderful you were able to get to the Airing of the Quilts.... hopefully I will get there next year, looks like you had a great time.