Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Holiday Treat

Guess what I can see at the end of the driveway of my motel? There.... not too far in the distance... Near the lights.
Why's The Home Patch!
I'm in Bathurst. I know it's a bit silly only 2 weeks after the craft show, but it couldn't be helped. We were supposed to have hols at Easter, but hubby's holiday got postponed due to work commitments. This is why I didn't buy anything from Anni's stand at the show. I have wanted to come here for ages. Can't wait for it to open.
Take care.
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

NSW Quilt Guild Show 2012

 These are just a small small sample of the amazing and awesome quilts on display at the 30th anniversary NSW Quilt Guild show at the Sydney Craft Show.

 The colour, the quality and the workmanship were stunning.
I did not feel intimidated. I came away inspired, keen to try harder, do better and to try things outside my comfort zone. I want to take more chances with my colour choices and try different techniques.

 Let's hope all this enthusiasm translates to more action!

I'd love to be able to go again next year!

Take care everyone,

Craft Show Review

 Well I've come down to earth after a wonderful weekend away in Sydney and I have finished my stocktake at work, so now I can find time to blog.

Sydney was great. It was lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers at dinners and the Friday lunchtime meet. The 'offical' photo takers already had arms full of cameras so I didn't add mine. I pinched the below photo from Chookyblue who was the only person who could name every blogger and her blog. Amazing.

There was a lot of  'and what have you bought?'. In the above photo, Dzintra and Deb compare purchases.
The show, itself, was wonderful. Some bloggers managed to get a photo from up in the rafters. Have a look - it will give you a good idea of the size. I enjoyed seeing shops that do not come north.
Marg Low had her own stand for the first time and it was very pretty and inspiring. That is a word I may use a lot this post.
Hatched and Patched was full of goodies as was The Birdhouse stand.
I had a lovely talk with Saffron Craig. Although she has a background in fashion and graphic design, Saffron has only been in the fabric design and selling business for about 5 years.
I chatted with Blueberries' brother. She is lucky to have such a helpful sibling, willing to work on her stand.
I listened to the most (yes) inspiring talk by Reece Scannell, followed by Kathy Doughty. Reece has a background in photography. He tried to get us to look at colour differently. Because time was limited, he had to speak quickly. I wish I'd been able to tape it, as he tried to impart so much information and all in a fun friendly way.

These photos show the secret quilts we have been working on for Chooky and her sister.
Anita organised it all. Blocks of appliqued hearts were collected, sashed and sewn together. Others quilted, bound and labelled the quilts and then secretly carried them to Sydney. I think the best part was that we were able to keep a secret from her. That was no mean feat! Thank you Anita.
I'm going to do another post about the NSW Quilt Guild show. I don't think I can add more photos here.
Back soon.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sydney Craft Show

Greetings from Sydney.
This is dawn from my hotel room.
I flew down yesterday and today I'm off to the Craft Show. I've never been to the Sydney one before, so I'm looking forward to seeing the shops that don't come north for our show.
Last night, I popped out to get a quick bite to eat and who did I run into, none other than the Friends in Stitching group. They were having their annual dinner after a great day at show. I enjoyed sitting and chatting with them.
Today I'll see them and many more at the Bloggers lunch time meet at the show.
Well I'd better stop admiring the view and get down to breakfast.
Sorry you couldn't be here L. Next year.
Take care,
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blogger Meet

Joy and Maree have organised a S-E Queensland blogger meet for October. Unfortunately a few won't be able to make that one, so Susan organised another one last Sunday. Same place - The Grandview Hotel at Cleveland - good view even though it was raining and great food. I think they might put us in the corner next time, especially during Show & Tell!
 It was good to be able to see in the 'flesh' all the work we have admired on the blogs.
There were 11 of us,
De - Re-De-Zines
Fiona - BubzRugz
Helen - Helbel's world of craft..  
Michelle - Michelle Ridgway
Lynda - heavens to bettsy
Noela - Quilty Bits from the Blue Room
Susan - Susans Sewing Space
Teresa - All Things Vintage
Mary - Scottish Nanna
and me. 
Michelle and Mary even had give-aways, which was very thoughtful of them. Mary organised a free raffle which I won.
It was lovely to sit and talk, to admire each other's work (and De's shoes) and generally enjoy the company of fellow bloggers.
Thank you Susan for organising us. I look forward to the next one.
Take care,